TURISSAM MED is a Health, Tourism and Hospitality specialized agency that facilitates and provides services such as: land transfers, lodging, among others. During your stay you will be provided by an excellent medical attention with an employ network of doctors, clinics, and hospitals that offer competitive prices in medical processes. We are specialized in hispanic patients who search medical attention in Mexico.

Patients search medical attention on this network, they  would benefit in having access and hire doctors, clinics directly and certified hospitals accredited by Mexican Authorities. 

Our personnel and staff are aware about giving  you wonderful attention, they know you are here because of your health and giving you the opportunity to know our touristic programs approved by your doctor.

Benefits of being part of TURISSAM MED in Puebla:

Contact directly with doctors, clinics and hospitals that you have selected to coordinate all your touristic services during your stay.

Land transportation and air transportation in function of every client and their transfers between hospital, hotels and different actives.

Each case is personalized, so we integrate a package according to the needs of each client that gives us their confidence in each product we offer.

Prestige national and international hotels

Touristic experiences for our clients and their guests. Those services are managed by TURISSAM so it is not necessary to contract or book each one separately.

Medical procedures

How we minimize the risks in medical tourism

  • If you plan to travel to another country for medical care, consult your healthcare provider or travel medication provider at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to discuss general information for healthy travel and the specific risks you may face due to your health, your status, the procedure, and travel before and after the procedure.
  • Get international travel health insurance that covers medical evacuation back to The United States.
  • Before planning vacation activities, such as swimming or hiking, find out what activities are not allowed after the medical procedure.
  • Bring with you copies of your medical records, including lab test results and any other tests performed related to your condition and care.
  • Inform the medical staff at your destination of any allergies you may have.
  • Pack a travel kit with your prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Also, bring copies of all your prescriptions and a list of the medications you take, including brand names, generic names, manufacturers, and dosages.
  • Obtain copies of all your medical records from the destination before you return home. You may need to translate them into English.
  • Identify where you will be staying immediately after the medical procedure.
  • Before traveling abroad for medical tourism, make sure you can get the necessary follow-up care in the United States.

*Center for disease control and prevention (CDC): https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/page/medical-tourism

Virtual consultation

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